Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wavy border tutorial

I wanted to share with you how I make wavy borders. It's a great technique, and I love how it gives you a little mitred corner look. This technique is also used in the Modern Medallion quilt. My instructions below are for a smaller block, however you can adapt it to any size, and further instructions are provided in the Modern Medallion pattern for a larger quilt.

Fabric and cutting guide:

[4] 3½" strips of inside border fabric
[4] 3½" strips of outside border fabric


Step one:

Attach two inside border strips to the top and bottom of your block. Trim back to the block size. Repeat with the sides of the block to complete your inside border.

Step two:

Cut the outside border strips back so they are just a little bit longer than you block size. Place the strip down on your rotary mat, with the block on top, both right side up. 

Step three:

Cut a gentle wavy curve with the rotary blade. Discard the outer top of the inside border. 

Step four:

Sew the inside border to the outside border, down the curved seam (you can pin if you like, however I usually don’t). When you are looking at your curve, it will looks wrong. It's a curve and it's supposed to! Don't worry, it will make sense once you have sewn it! Gently manipulate the curve to fit and press well. Spray starch if needed to get it lovely and flat.

When I sew my curves, I use the bottom fabric as a guide and hold the top fabric up and move it as I go. Doing it this way, means I don't need pins and have a lot more flexibility. 

Step five:

Repeat steps three and four on the remaining three sides.

Step six:

Trim the lock back to the desired size and you're done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. It's really not too difficult. Take your time, be gentle and back yourself.

Have you tried this technique? How did you go?


  1. Love your post, I have wanted to make a curved piece table runner, but was leary about making the cuts. Now I see you have made it look so easy, yet very technical..I am on the way to making curvy runners........

    1. Glad you like it! This techniques is truly simple yet effective :)

  2. What a great tutorials. I'm doing this bit next and this makes so much more sense to me now! Thanks xx

  3. I am trying to figure this out. Bear with me. :) I am hand sewing so I can not cut seams that have already been sewn or all my sewing will come apart. I am looking at the pictures and the description in step ONE. I assume "attach" means sew. Right? So there are two ends that have sewn seams on the ends. Then when you lay it on top of a 2nd fabric and cut the sides that have those seams, you are cutting over sewed seams? Is this correct? If so, I have to figure out a different way to do this...

    1. Keep me updated on how you go with the hand sewing!