Sunday, June 15, 2014

Modern Medallion quilt along - Plain Jane and Drunk Geese

And so week one rolls into week two. I love how different each of your quilts are. No two fabric schemes are the same, it's pretty awesome to see what you choose. And I am in awe of how you are making small (and large) changes to make the pattern your own! Incredible! Keep up the great work.

Week two host - Ms Midge

The divine Ms Midge has actually finished her Modern Medallion. And doesn't it look stunning? I love all the Anna Maria Horner prints she has used to complete the quilt. Swoon.

You can also check out the no waste drunken geese tutorial - perfect if you are on a tight fabric budget or can't bear to waste a single bit of that precious fabric.

Ms Midge generously showed us how she did the wrap around border technique too. I love doing my borders this way. It can often save you fabric - bonus!

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