Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cotton pickin' adventure

Last weekend we took a road trip to Griffith NSW to visit with our family. I think it is so important to get away and reconnect with family. Taking the kids to spend time with their great grandparents is a really special time for us - we know that we are so lucky to have so many family members to spoil them with love (and a few presents!). 
On the way out to visit an uncle at his farm, I looked over to a field brown and white field. My eyes immediately widened and I begged to stop so I could jump the fence and pick some cotton. I threw Chloe over the fence and followed her over with my camera in one hand, it was very lady like! We spent a few minutes picky cotton balls straight off the plants before Archie decided he had enough being stuck in the car.

It was really fun to feel the raw cotton and pull it off the plants. Knowing just how much cotton goes through to become quilting cotton, it was cool to see it up close, just before pickin' time!


  1. Welcome to my part of the world, quite often you can see the cotton growing on the roadside.

  2. How awesome! I had no idea we grew cotton in Australia! I guess I need to get out more :)