Sunday, June 1, 2014

Modern Medallion quilt along - in the beginning...

Today is the first of June, which marks the start of the Modern Medallion quilt along. The blog hosts will be sharing their hints and tips as well as showing you their progress. We will be starting with Schnitzel & Boo, who will get the linky party started and then back me on Sunday, where I will do a whip around of all the the best bits. The Linky will be live on Schnitzel & Boo Friday, and then back here on Sunday. I would love you to join us - and you can start by grabbing the pattern here. It's going to be so much fun!

This week's Linky is all about the beginning. How do you choose your fabrics? Show us your fabric pull and how you decided the colour scheme, fabric range. Maybe you have a pre-project ritual? I always change my needle and give my machine a wee de-fluff! Tell us all about it and link up with the link tool at the end of the post.

We are also having some great prizes along the way. All you need to do is participate on Facebook, Instagram or in the Linky party and you can win some great new goodies for your stash!  Details will be released along the way, so start your machines a running!

 To celebrate the start, I thought it would be fitting to go back to the beginning...

I can't say for sure where the idea for creating the Modern Medallion came from. It just sort of, appeared. I've said it before, creativity breeds creativity and it is certainly true for me. I finally found the perfect notebook to keep all my ideas. It's pink, it has graph paper and it's perfect. I carry it everywhere and when inspiration strikes, I can quickly and easily sketch my ideas so I will never lose them.

I have always loved the New York Beauty block. It is such a striking block and the name sounds so romantic to me, conjuring up images from the 1920's - How very Great Gatsby! Even with all this swooning over them, but with all those precise points, I just wasn't up for it. When I saw Sarah Fielke's deconstructed New York Beauty block a light bulb went off for me. That's when I realised that it didn't need to be perfect. This is modern quilting after all!

After much trial and error, I came up with a way to  make these precise points imprecisely (say that three times fast!) by going back to the original technique of foundation piecing. I came up with a technique that worked for me (which I am calling free foundation piecing), which really works for me and I was able to get just the look I wanted. You want bigger points? Just make them bigger! You want more points? Just draw them in. Simples!

Once I had settled on the final design, I needed to decide on fabric. Should I use a range? I had some Tula Pink calling me, but I resisted and started pulling from my stash. You know, apart from one or two, I just wasn't happy. My stash just couldn't stretch to where I needed it to. While I was on holidays at my parents house in Perth, I had a lucky break. I found a shop which had the start of what I needed. lots of lovely low volumes. Archie was a great help, climbing up the bolts of fabrics and generally being a pest while my mum tried her best to wrangle him. I was far too busy, pulling bolts down like a kid in a candy store (I was pretty embarrassing!).

This splurge was really essential (I know, right?) to build my low volume stash, essential I tell you. It gave me the fabric I needed to make this quilt. And then some! Note, this may or may not be all of the fabric I bought back... In that pile are some Anna Maria Horner (various ranges), Pearl Bracelets, Tula Pink Parisville, Rashida Coleman Koi (voile), Denise Schmidt Chicopee and many more lovelies.

I started with one of my very favourite fabrics, Washi Triangles (Charcoal background above) and based my colour scheme back to that. Using lots of pinks, teals and a splash of yellow and orange, I pulled my fabrics and kept checking back in with the triangles. Interestingly, I didn't use a lot of that fabric in the final quilt! I did however, use the cream colour way in the final border, and it was one of my favourite choices. The colours are all really 'me' so it really wasn't hard to match them all together. 

Over to you! I want to hear all about how you are going to choose your fabrics. It's really interesting to hear how other people friend inspiration for their colour scheme, don't you think?


  1. I have bought your pattern and will try the center medallion just a quarter of it. I will use vibrant fabric from my stash and have bought some low volume fabric, as I mostly use vibrant fabric combined with white and gray, so as I wanted an interesting touch I realized that I needed to buy LV fabric. My quilt will be scrappy concerning the vibrant fabric. I really can't wait to see how it will turn out.
    I don´t think there are so many quilters from Sweden following this QAL, as modern quilting is not so popular yet among Swedish quilters, but I think we will soon be there too.

    1. Hello! Your quilt sounds fabulous! I think we have a few others from Sweden, you can connect with them on the Facebook page!

  2. Oooh, I love that stack! It looks so happy! And your medallion is yum!

  3. I was so excited about linking to the blog that I almost forgot to leave a comment! HaHa! Kristi from Schnitzel and Boo and I have been plotting out our quilts together, so I am extra excited to be a part of this quilt along! Thanks so very much for hosting it. It is a lovely pattern and I am looking forward to making it!

  4. I am the proud winner of this winner from your competition on IG!!! Yaaa for me. I love this quilt.
    The fabric I'm using is from my fabric stash and is predominately fabric I bought in Dublin and Paris on my first trip to Europe about 18 months ago. I've started cutting out the centre this morning but unfortunately have had to come to work!!!
    I'm looking forward to completing this. Thanks Crystal.
    cheers Janine

    1. Wonderful Janine. It will be a lovely reminder of your trip overseas.

  5. I have broken my fabric diet to buy a few prints from Safari Moon so I really want to use those. They are from ArtGallery Fabrics so I have added a few more Art Gallery prints that I love . I don't want it to look overly matchy matchy but I want to stick to a limited palette. I love what I've chosen so far.

    1. It's gorgeous and now I really want some too!

  6. I'm the super smartest of us Not...where's my comment..huh...I forgot that one...but now I'm here And that linky thing...question for you... Were we supposed to link just blog and not just the blogpost...see... I'm so so smart!!! How do you want it..shall I make another...;0))