Sunday, February 23, 2014

Two Little Aussie Birds on Facebook

I have been super busy on Facebook this year. There's two groups, two bees and a page! And that doesn't include all the other regular facebooky stuff too.

First up, there is the Two Little Aussie Birds Facebook page. I find that it is much easier to follow blog posts when there is a Facebook page, don't you? Like my page to follow my blog, instagram, interesting links and other bits and pieces. I really feel that opening up my Facebook page is a really important step for this blog of mine and I would truly appreciate the support there too.

Second, I have started a Facebook group. Stash and Treasure is an Australian modern fabric and craft marketplace. A great place to build your stash as well as sell your fabrics and craft items - to make way for more of course! If you are in Australia, please join us!

Crystal x

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