Friday, August 9, 2013

Geometry for Archer

This year, I have been really trying to finish of my projects. I had so many on the go, but I really needed to get some of them done. One of the problems with doing lots of quilting and creating means that I was inspired to start new ones! Cest la vie, once I have an idea burning in my brain, I really, really want to get it done. Which bring me to one of my latest creations, Geometry. 

HSTs (thats half square triangles to the uninitiated) are such a useful block with indefinite possibilities. To create this quilt, I selected five solid colours - three greys and two aquas - which I then cut into 6 1/2 inch square, cross cut into triangles. Next I sewed all the triangles together to make my squares and then all the squares together to make the quilt top. I tried to keep it random, which meant that once it was all together, the triangles came together to form their own shapes. If you did it again, you would get a completely different quilt and I really love that idea. 

This quilt was made especially for Archer and although I tried my best to complete it before he was born (even ironing blocks while in labour!), I didn't quite make it. It is now on his bed to keep him warm on these cold, cold Canberra nights. 

Quilt Specifications:

Quilt name: Geometry.

Made for: Archer James McGann (born 10 March 2013).

Finished size: 42 x 54 inches.

Fabrics used: Homespun solids in 3 light, medium and dark grey with 2 light and dark aquas.
Pattern: Geometry, designed by me. 6 inch HST blocks placed randomly to create a variety of geometric shapes and patterns.
Quilting details: Quilted by me with a walking foot. I stitched in the ditch around the various shapes, using a variegated grey cotton thread.

One more gratuitous Archie shot because I can...


  1. What a beautiful quilt! Sometimes the best pattern is no pattern at all.

  2. So lovely, and great to see Mums sewing for their boys! I'm with you, he's deserving of as many shots as you take, he's just gorgeous :)