Monday, July 1, 2013

Marching penguins quilt

This quilt has been a long time in the making. I remember seeing it in a quilt magazine, tucked away in a shot of the From Me to You quilt studio. Just enough poking out to know I had to make it. I tracked down the pattern online and immediately ordered it. Calling all Penguins, by Laura Nowes was probably the first pattern I ever bought. Before that, I was working out of magazines mostly. I have to admit, when this pattern arrived, I was a little overwhelmed. It felt way out of my league! Over the next few years, I always had it in the back of my mind when buying fabrics, so if I ever saw a great 'snowy', 'sky' or 'penguin' fabric I would grab it and put it away for the quilt. Once I finally had all the materials I needed, it was a matter of really turning my mind to it and going for it. sometimes the right attitude is all you need!

Very carefully, I cut all the pieces and set to sewing them together. Honestly, once I had my pieces cut and ready to go, the top came together pretty quickly. I tried extra hard to make sure my points matched up nicely, something I am trying to work on every time I quilt. One of my favourite parts is the way the beaks flap out, I think they add an extra texture, which a certain little baby will love to play with! My lovely mum quilted it for me (she always saves the day) and I am really pleased with the finished quilt. 

This quilt will be given to the next baby born (due so soon!) to my beautiful best friend. I can't wait to greet him or her and I really hope that they will love this quilt, as it was always meant to be for this baby, even all those years ago!

Quilt Specifications:

Made for: Baby Bateman/Scanlan (due 24/7/2013)

Finished size: 43 x 50 inches.

Fabrics used: A variety of fabric purchased over a few years and a few pinched from my mums stash.
Pattern: Calling All Penguins by Laura Nowes under From Me to You Quilts. Pattern can be purchased through their Etsy shop lnownes.
Quilting details: Quilted by my mum in a wavy pattern with a variegated thread. Thanks mum!

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