Friday, July 5, 2013

craft tutorial round up: : embroidery floss

Ever since I can remember, I have loved embroidery floss. I have always had a stack of it. I can remember making friendship bracelets, hair wraps and the odd cross stitch as a young girl. Apart from the obvious, there are so many uses for embroidery floss, so I have bought together a list of some great ideas to use up that dirty stash. And if you want to grab some more threads to add to that dirty stash, you have to try out the Sublime Floss, you can get it here in the shop (ahem, shameless plug!).

one: friendship bracelets over on

two: embroider a mini quilt ala the smallest forest

three: wrap some floss around twigs to create a wreath with a diy by duo fireworks

four: wooden disc jewellery by see that there

five: wrap some cutlery for fancy dinner parties by a fabulous fete - variegated floss would look divine!

six: a tassel necklace on the oh the lovely things blog

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