Thursday, May 16, 2013

inspiration :: Jacquie Gering

I can't quite remember what prompted me to visit craftsy. But I'm glad I did. Not something I would normally look at, I decided to watch a the lecture series from QuiltCon. A lecture isn't exactly something I would normally run to. However, When I saw Jacquie Gering was lecturing, I was in.

Jacquie is a co-author from my favourite quilting book - quilting modern. The quilts in there are totally uh-mazing. This book has changed my view of quilts. No more nanna florals! I have thrown out the rule book (which I rarely read anyway) and embraced the improv. I will share my first improv quilt very soon! Just as soon as that pesky binding is on...

Back to the lecture. Jacquie's emotional address - Quilting Modern Honouring Tradition was truly inspiring. I really enjoyed listening to how she creates her beautiful quilts and what they mean to her. She talks about being a maker, her family and ends with some great words - break free, go bold. Her honest account of how she learnt to quilt makes me feel so much better about my work. It's ok not to be perfect. As a 'self taught' quilter it is really great to know that I will get there. I hope to take her words of wisdom on board and can put this into my own work. Think you can, work hard and get smarter.

Do yourself a favour. Sign up and watch the quilt con lectures. There are also more amazing lectures including Heather Jones and Angela Walters

You can see more of Jacquie's work on her blog tallgrass prairie studio and her photo blog shows each her beautiful, modern quilts.

Crystal x

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