Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I made this: woodland mobile (with a little help from some friends)

When my friend Camille told me she was pregnant, I was (and still am, of course...) thrilled! For her baby shower, she had decided on a woodland theme. I set to work looking for some great ideas for the perfect baby shower activities. When I came across these little felt animal patterns by Aimee Ray of Little Dear, I knew I had found it.

Thanks to an instagram friend, who just happened to be giving away some felt in just the right colour (which I quickly snatched up mind you!), I knew it was meant to be. I bought all three sets of patterns and prepared the shapes for the guests. While cutting them up, I had to stop myself from making them! They are so cute!

Fortunately, they made it to the baby shower and each guest made up an animal, which I then turned into a mobile for the nursery. Let me tell you, there are some stealthy stitchers out there! Plenty of hidden talent. I think it turned out brilliantly and will make a lovely keepsake because it has so much love in it. I have since become addicted to mobiles and I want to make more! Just look at that owl winking!

I can't wait to meet the wee baby when s/he arrives!

Crystal x

Sunday, May 26, 2013

simple curved seam tutorial

This technique is an easy way to make a curved pieced seam in your block. You can easily free hand a curve that you want into any block. You probably won't cut and sew a precision piece with this method, but it would be perfect for an improv block!

Step one: Lay your block on top of the fabric which will become your inside curve. Both fabrics should be right side up. Make sure there is at least a quarter inch over hang on all sides.

Step two: Using your rotary cuter, slice a few inches into both fabrics where the curve will be. Holding on either side of the fabric where you have just cut, continue the curve. This ensures the fabrics are cut at the same time and will be less likely to shift. If you need to, and depending on the size of the curve, keep moving along, holding the fabrics in place until your curve is complete. 

Step three: remove the excess main fabric (the bit you just cut off), pick up the inside curve fabric and flip it over onto the main fabric. This will be your seam. Gently sew along this seam, trying not to stretch the fabric. You will find they should ease into each other.

Step four: You will find that the seam will naturally fall towards the inside curve. Don't fight it! Iron it flat this way, trim your block to size and marvel at your beautiful curve.

Easy, right?

Crystal x

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Canberra modern map quilt :: block one

The Canberra Modern Quilt Guild are putting together a quilt that will be raffled off to raise funds for guild activities and administration. Based on the preliminary plan for Canberra by Walter Burley Griffin (and illustrated by his wife Marion Mahony Griffin) the quilt will become an improvisational, interpretation of his initial plan. It's a really exciting project that I'm proud to be part of.

Using the specified colour range, and using my map square as starting inspiration, I created my little block. I am quite happy with the final result and it came together pretty quick! I am really looking forward to making some more, and seeing what everyone else comes up with!

Below is the original map that we are working with, which has been split up into 64 blocks. The blocks will be divided up amongst the group. For more information on the design brief and instructions, please pop on over to the Canberra Modern Quilt Guild blog. 

Crystal x

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

i heart hexies

Hexies, hexies everywhere. An not just in fabric. I love me a six sided shape or ten! I have my own hexy quilt in the works... I recently bought a hexy kit in Plume by Tula Pink and haven't wasted any time getting into it. As soon as I have it ready I will show you all. Or, you can always follow me on instagram @2littleausbirds... just saying... And if you love hexies like i do, check out some more on pinterest.

one: love this bloom hexagon ring set by gorjana

two: hexagon tetris bag by v and co

three: modular hexagon tables by propeller modern

four: diy honeycomb shelves on a beautiful mess

five: learn how to sew hexagons by machine with Jacquie at the tall grass prairie studio

six: make your own hexy headband by mollie on the wild olive blog

Crystal x

Sunday, May 19, 2013

early morning family photos

Our recent early morning  adventure provided some great photo opportunities of the family. It was absolutely freezing! We saw the sun rise, hot air balloons inflate and take off, and took part in the skywhale love. An early, but enjoyable morning.

Crystal x

Saturday, May 18, 2013


If you live in Canberra or Australia even, you have surely heard of the skywhale (it even has its own wikipedia page!). There is such a big hype around this hot air balloon, this morning we all got up at the crack of dawn to catch a glimpse of it. Why not? It's not every day giant art flies. Local artist Patricia Piccinini designed this mammoth girl especially for Canberra's 100th birthday. It has certainly caused a LOT of controversy, but the way I see it, art gets people talking. And this? It has definitely got people talking.  

After chasing her around Canberra - they found a less foggy area to launch. After declaring that the fog had lifted enough and the wind conditions were ok (two hours later!) the sky whale was inflated. I'm really bad with crowd numbers, but there were a few hundred people there who braved the subzero temperature to see the sky whale fly. I for one am impressed. It's massive, it's distinctive and it has ten boobs. What else do you need in a hot air balloon, to celebrate your birthday?

Crystal x

Thursday, May 16, 2013

inspiration :: Jacquie Gering

I can't quite remember what prompted me to visit craftsy. But I'm glad I did. Not something I would normally look at, I decided to watch a the lecture series from QuiltCon. A lecture isn't exactly something I would normally run to. However, When I saw Jacquie Gering was lecturing, I was in.

Jacquie is a co-author from my favourite quilting book - quilting modern. The quilts in there are totally uh-mazing. This book has changed my view of quilts. No more nanna florals! I have thrown out the rule book (which I rarely read anyway) and embraced the improv. I will share my first improv quilt very soon! Just as soon as that pesky binding is on...

Back to the lecture. Jacquie's emotional address - Quilting Modern Honouring Tradition was truly inspiring. I really enjoyed listening to how she creates her beautiful quilts and what they mean to her. She talks about being a maker, her family and ends with some great words - break free, go bold. Her honest account of how she learnt to quilt makes me feel so much better about my work. It's ok not to be perfect. As a 'self taught' quilter it is really great to know that I will get there. I hope to take her words of wisdom on board and can put this into my own work. Think you can, work hard and get smarter.

Do yourself a favour. Sign up and watch the quilt con lectures. There are also more amazing lectures including Heather Jones and Angela Walters

You can see more of Jacquie's work on her blog tallgrass prairie studio and her photo blog shows each her beautiful, modern quilts.

Crystal x

Friday, May 10, 2013

Camille {made} this: plane quilt

My bestest friend Camille made Archie the greatest quilt to welcome him. I really love it! Bold navy, red and yellow prints make for a lovely boys quilt. I have hung it on the wall to decorate his room.

I love the use of the traditional block, in a strong colours with the sky and star blocks to break it up. The custom quilting (by Caroline at Murumbateman) is also really special. Tiny little plane borders? Genius!

 :: complete with matching bunting ::

:: close up of the custom quilting ::

Crystal x

Thursday, May 2, 2013

craft tutorial round up :: one for the boys

Since Archer has arrived on the scene, I have gone from loving pink to blue! There are definitely plenty of girly diys out there, but now I need something a little less... frilly. So I have rounded up some tutorials for you, especially for the baby boys.

one: toms inspired baby and toddler shoes by homemade toast

two: cute little puppy by lisa via the craft tuts blog

three: counting sheep mobile on the rust and sunshine blog

four: captain haddock and tin tin rattles by luther idyl (site will need translating)

five: dummy clips by see kate sew

Crystal x