Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm still standing!

Hello, I feel bad for neglecting you. Life has been busy. Between weddings, renovating and life in general, I have been trying to clean out the spare {sewing} room. Somewhere along the line, my dirty little craft habit has got out of control. In order to get the room ready for the baby, I have to ship out the room. Into two shelves in the linen cupboard. It is turning into mission impossible! Meanwhile, I have been very finishing off a few projects that have been lingering...

Meanwhile, I am feeling super inspired for a few new projects too. Does this happen to you? Pouring over all the fabrics, books and patterns only makes me want to sew more! It's a never ending process...!

Tell me, have you ever had to down size your craft stash? How did you do it? And were you glad you did it in the end?

Crystal x

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