Friday, June 22, 2012

craft tutorial round up :: washi tape

Well hi there! Has anybody else noticed the rise in the washi tape? It is oh so cute. And you can use it for just about anything! I remember making a craft project back in the day with washi paper. You would rip it all up into little pieces, and then glue it onto a plaster moulded figurine. I think it was a cat... Maybe mum still has it somewhere at home. Does anyone else remember those?

Anyway, we've come a long way baby... I have rounded up some really sweet washi tape decoration tutorials. I hope you enjoy!

one. bunting ceramic jug by how about orange

two. striped lamp shade by it all started with paint

three. glass vases by to be charmed

four. paper clip flags by tambouille

five. make your own washi tape with ginger and george

Crystal x

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