Monday, February 6, 2012

Tutorial: valentine hearts

Happy valentines day lovers!

I am blogging my first ever tutorial! I am a little excited and hope you like it! I have made some little hearts. They will take no time at all to whip up for a loved one. Use them for any decorations you like, topping a present, hanging on the wall or however else you wish.

What you will need: fabric scraps, ribbon (you can see here I used the ribbon from some moda jelly rolls) , polyfill and general sewing supplies.

Make a heart shaped template to this size you like. mine was made from a post it note, so that gives you an idea of what size they are. Trace the heart onto the wrong side of the fabric, making a notch about 1 inch long. This will be a guide as you will need to leave an opening when you turn it in.

Cut the ribbon to about 6 inches long. Sandwich the ribbon in between the two pieces of fabric and pin into place, making sure it is out of the way when you come to sewing the heart.

Sew around the line marked, remembering to leave the opening free. I reinforced the V at the top of the heart with a few reverse stitches and at the opening too. Cut the fabric back around a 1/4 inch and clip the curved areas, especially at the V.

Turn inside out, fill with polyfill and hand stitch the opening closed.

Thats it! I really hope you enjoy my tutorial. Let me know if you make any up, and I would love to know what you did for valentines day this year.

Crystal x


  1. Thanks for the tutorial! I think they would be great with a longer ribbon to tie onto something. Love the blog makeover too.

  2. They are cute! I might sew some up this weekend :)