Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tail Feathers Journey :: Block 1

If you are playing along at home, Block 1 of Tail Feathers should be almost complete! Once you have strip pieced the 1 inch blocks, you will have saved some time for the next few blocks. I really enjoyed stitching up the tree of delight and those love birds stitcheries, finding I couldn't put down the needle once I picked it up.

I have never done that particular style of border shown above before. I suppose you would call it a continuous border? I thought it would be difficult, but once I got the idea, it wasn't too bad.

How did you go with block 1?

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Crystal x


  1. I love the embroidery you have done. How do you get the stitches so perfect? Can I ask you a question? How do you transfer the design?

  2. Hi vicki :)
    I transfer my patterns by hand, using a heat pen. When you iron it, it disappears! Cool huh?