Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some days are just crap.

And today is one of those days.

After a poor nights sleep with an extra guest in the bed, i was running late for work and realised I didn't have enough change for parking. So scrabbling around for 10 minutes I found enough to get by.

One round trip around Canberra to get my daughter off to day care and myself to work later, I put all my change in the machine. 20 cents short. Aargh! Back to the car and checking under floor mats and dark, crummy places I found enough to pay my parking along with 8 sultanas and a button. Phew.

Only when I sit down to log into the computer at my desk I find that I left my lunch in the car. Never mind I tell myself, I will check emails and head back. An hour in the car won't hurt.

After being nominated to do the coffee run, I do another round trip back by the car to rescue my lunch. When I reach my car I find my keys are back at my desk.

I think I will drink my morning coffee before I head back.

Some days are just crap. This is one of them.

Crystal x

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  1. Oh no you poor thing that really is crap , I hope it's much better now .