Tuesday, October 18, 2011

VERY IMPORTANT: Gevi the wombat book - help raise money for a friend

Hey guys,
I have a public service announcement. My good friend Gervais has been diagnosed with a serious and rare cancer. I am totally devastated for him and his family. To me, they are part of my family and I don't know how he has the strength to fight every day. What a man. 
{This is his beautiful family. I love them so much.}

One of his very clever friends has made a book to help raise funds to help him and his family through this really tough time. The website explains:

Gevi the wombat was inspired by Gervais Serret and the experience of his battle with cancer. Gervais was diagnosed with stage three Adrenocortical cancer in April 2011. More information about this rare & aggressive cancer can be found on www.accfoundation.com.au
Having to think outside the box in order to raise substantial funds for Gervais’ treatment, a dedicated group of friends and colleagues have volunteered their time & talent to create this children’s book.
Considering the urgency of the cause, gevithewombat.com is a call to action while the printed version of the book is being finalised. The book is due to be published in November 2011.
Please, check it out and if you can make a donation. Also, I know he will appreciate you letting your own family and friends know about the book. Thanks so much :)

Crystal x

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