Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Read or Watch: Atonement

I am a huge fan of the Atonement . I saw it at the movies  and fell in love many years ago. There are three things I particularly love about the movie and book: the script , the actors and the costumes. On the way home from England last month, I read the novel written by Ian McEwan . I have never really read the book after the movie and enjoyed it, as I get way to stuck on the movie version and end up not finishing it. BUT, I really really loved the book. And the movie only served to enhance the book and the heartbreaking story of two people in love.

The book (and the movie) are broken up into 4 parts: A fateful summers day; Robbie as a British soldier in France; Briony serving her duty as a trainee nurse and a dying Briony's attempting to atone for her sins.

Keira and James give amazing performances as the couple so deeply in love it hurts. Once they declare their love it is set and there can be no turning back for them, whatever the circumstances or distance.

Now, onto the costumes. Most of you will be familiar with that emerald green dress. Jacqueline Durran  did an amazing job with each and every costume on each and every character. It felt authentic in every era and certainly did justice to the vivid descriptions in the book.

I highly recommend BOTH the movie and the book. They compliment each other beautifully and will have you dreaming of a summer romance in 1930


  1. It was such an amazing movie but it made me so sad in the end.... why did they have to die!!!

    1. I know right?! It's even sadder in the book :(