Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Introducing :: Penguin and Fish!

I am so excited to have Penguin & Fish in store! Alyssa make the cutest little embroidery patterns and a lucky alligator softie too! Use the patterns any which way you desire - on a babies bib, shirt, hat, pants, linen or any where else you can fit it! There are also some wall art kits so you can get started straight away on your new animal friend.

Enlarge the pattern to make a plush pillow, or shrink for a small detail on that material that is looking for a way to be brightened up. If your sewing skills are more advanced you can turn them into a quilt, wall hanging etc. I would love to hear what you come up with!

See the whole range in store here. Just try stopping at one! Also, if you would like some more inspiration, check out Alyssa's blog here. She has some inspiring posts on there it's definately worth a visit - and a follow!

Because I am so excited - I am having a giveaway! For your chance to enter - sign up for the newsletter to the right, or if you already get it, forward it onto your friends! Easy!

Crystal x

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