Wednesday, August 18, 2010

They grow up so fast!

Sunday, Chloe had her third birthday. Three. I can't quite believe it.  It feels like yesterday she was just a little baby...
{One of my favourite photos of Chloe only a few days old}

We did end up making a headboard for Chloe's new girl bed. Matt put it together with some leftover MDF board and old planks, wrapped in batting. Then I made a slip to go over the top so we can change it later if need be. 

{I think she likes the bed!}

For Chloe's birthday dinner, she asked me to make a girl robot cake. After much trying to persuade her to choose another cake, I caved in and made the robot cake! I used the design out if a really old party cakes cookbook, and it was surprisingly easy...

{At least I did get some help from the birthday girl, this is the cake before icing}

{The finished product - not bad hey!}

{One happy girl!}

Happy birthday to our little, sorry, big girl...!

Crystal x


  1. Happy Birthday Chloe! She looks like a beautiful china doll in the baby picture. So precious xox

  2. Happy Birthday Chloe ! The headboard is great !

  3. Happy birthday to Chloe from Nanna & Grandad. Love your blog.