Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sue Spargo tree quilt

I have been busy today updating the shop and sending out the shop newsletter. If you haven't signed up, you can just see the link on the right. Promise I will only send you Two Little Aussie Birds info!

Anyway, I know a lot of you would like to see the work I did on my recent Sue Spargo workshop. I had SO much fun, and I am totally a wool addict now! How come I didn't know about this magical material before? And what a way to use all those embroidery stitches that can be so unfashionable right now, but seem to look right at home on Sue's designs.
First of all, I thought I would share some photos of Sue's beautiful samples that she bought with her: 
{the table with all her little samples}

{the inside of a beautiful greta needle roll}
{One of the signature birds}

{Close up of one of the many leaf samplers}
{Sue's tree quilt. 50 birds for every of her years, and 4 butterfly's for her children}

{Close ups of the tree quilt}

So, I guess you would like to see my version? I'm a long way from finishing, but have made a good start.

{lots of beads, embroidery and stitching will make up the quilt}

You can also read Sue's blog for some of the projects the other girls in the class did, and a mention of my friend and I who went! :)

Till next time, 
Crystal x

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

They grow up so fast!

Sunday, Chloe had her third birthday. Three. I can't quite believe it.  It feels like yesterday she was just a little baby...
{One of my favourite photos of Chloe only a few days old}

We did end up making a headboard for Chloe's new girl bed. Matt put it together with some leftover MDF board and old planks, wrapped in batting. Then I made a slip to go over the top so we can change it later if need be. 

{I think she likes the bed!}

For Chloe's birthday dinner, she asked me to make a girl robot cake. After much trying to persuade her to choose another cake, I caved in and made the robot cake! I used the design out if a really old party cakes cookbook, and it was surprisingly easy...

{At least I did get some help from the birthday girl, this is the cake before icing}

{The finished product - not bad hey!}

{One happy girl!}

Happy birthday to our little, sorry, big girl...!

Crystal x

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Inspirations: DIY Headboards

With Chloe's birthday coming up, we have decided it's time to up-size into a single when she becomes a big three year old...

We found a really nice second hand ensemble (base and mattress), but, well, it's just a bit boring.  So, off to the web to search for some inspiration and being the nice person that I am I thought I would share! This will be the first of my 'inspirations' posts (but as if they will be regular...) 

Simple but effective fabric headboard

Polaroid Heart Headboard

Letters Headboard

Stenciled Headboard

Granny Squares Headboard

Embroidered Headband

Combining old and new style in a headboard

Crystal x

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sue Spargo homework

Next week I am going on to the Sur Spargo workshop in Canberra. I am super excited about it, and picked up my kit on the weekend.

{the wool kit and travel journal}

Looks like we are making a tree. They seem to be featuring heavily at the moment!

So, before I attend the workshop on the weekend, I have some home work to complete. The background and tree must be done before we go. And, it's needle turn. And I don't have any freezer paper. And I would prefer to blanket stitch.

In the interest of keeping on practising my needle turn techniques I decided to go for it. As the saying goes, necessity is the monther of invention. I cut out the tree pattern and pinned the paper to the wool. Then I cut my seam allowance, clipped any curves and corners. Without ironing I just started to needle turn. And somehow it worked!

{I am needle turning!}

A couple of hours later I had finished my tree.

{another needle turned tree!}

It's a bit lumpy and a bit bumpy, but I'm hoping that all the beautiful embroidery Sue shows us will cover them up. I will let you know how it all goes!

Crystal x