Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sleeping, sewing and the seasons

We all went to a three year old's fairy party which tuckered us all out, adults included! I just have to share this photo with you...

{fast asleep on dad and still holding her balloon!}

I have started my new Seasons BOM, it's so beautiful, but I am still trying to master the art of needleturn. I have been searching the net looking for an easier way, and I will be trying a few of them out. There has to be a better way! One person I saw was doing it at the beach! The BEACH! Not an iron in sight! In the meantime, I am busy cutting freezer paper, pressing, clipping, pressing, stitching and well, pressing!

Here is how it is looking so far, not too bad really!:

{Seasons, summer block #1}

I am so very happy with the fabric selections. The sky is perfect as are the 2 tree colours. The kits use a combination of lecien basics, moda basic ranges and a couple of well suited moda ranges. One of the great things about the appliqué on Seasons, is that because the background is mostly white, you can get away with using a white thread for all the stitches. You know I love it when it's easier!

If you are interested in subscribing to the Seasons BOM, please visit the Two Little Aussie Birds store, link on the right.

I will be posting a tutorial for each of the blocks, as I am going along, so I will be right there with you! I will be be back to show you more soon...

Crystal x

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