Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm a blanket stitch kinda girl...

I have been trying new things lately. Crochet is much harder than it looks if you ask me. My attempt at making a flower turned out more like a jelly bean. What? Hmmm... Back to the instruction manual!

I have also started practicing needle turn appliqué. Cutting the 1/4 inch is not as easy as I thought. Blanket stitch is way easier if you ask me...

I have got something right, I made an adorable skirt, flipsy by make it perfect. So easy, and no overlocking!! Yay for that and more to come on the road test for that pattern.

{Chloe showing off her new skirt}

So, what have you been trying lately and failing at, or better yet, succeeding at?

Crystal x

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  1. I'm trying to find more time and sadly I have failed , lol ! The skirt looks gorgeous , really pretty . I "cheat" with needlturn and use Tildas method , even I can do it that way.