Monday, April 12, 2010

Slumber Party Jammies - Pattern road test

This weekend I decided to make Chloe some pyjamas, because she has just had another growth spurt and all her pyjamas pants are all way to short! I thought it would be a great opportunity to road test the Slumber Party Jammies by Toni Coward of Make it Perfect. I had some lovely fabric waiting to be used and took the spare time I had to 'whip' up a pair!

{Laying out the fabric for cutting}
I wanted to keep a lotus to applique on the shirt. That made it a little challenging to cut it out! I only had half a yard of fabric, so I folded the pattern at the size 2 pant length. I am glad I did, as the length for the size 3 would have been a little too long.
{Seam allowance}
As I was trying to save time (and I couldn't be bothered getting out the overlocker and threading all three spools) I used the straight and zig-zag stitch, then cut away the excess seam.
Chloe couldn't help but help... She loves sewing and asks to 'play fabric' all the time!

{Modeling her special jammies}
The final product! Chloe was thrilled with her special pj's and had to wear them straight away, for the rest of the day.  As for the pattern, it was really easy to follow, and only took about an hour. I have the slumber party jammies, as well as some other great patterns by Toni here and I highly recommend them!

Until next time...
Crystal x

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  1. Lovely jarmies , so glad you had a little help ! I received my pattern from you today , thank you so much it's great !