Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday and Giveaway Winner

Good Morning, 
As today is officially easter, this morning we had an easter egg hunt in the backyard. Chloe thought this was pretty exciting! We told her that the easter bunny was coming during the night and he would leave her some easter eggs. She would have to have a look for the easter eggs after breakfast...
{Chloe got really upset, after I told her that she 
wouldn't actually 'see' the easter bunny...}

{The bunny doesn't just leave eggs!}

{Chloe showing off her bounty}

She was pretty happy with her loot, now the trick is to make sure she doesn't eat them all at once! We all had a good morning searching for the eggs... Oh to be a child again!

Now for the bag pattern giveaway! The random number generator picked:
Congratulations to Clare, you have been chosen! Please email me your details so I send you out the Sleepover bag pattern by Melly and Me. Look forward to seeing the finished product!

I am definitely looking forward to some time off work, and getting some stitching done! I have been working hard to complete some WIP's (Work in Progress) before getting into some new ones! 

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful easter break, no matter which part of the world you are in!

Love Crystal x

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  1. Doesn't Chloe look just gorgeous ! Thankyou so much Crystal I am thrilled to win your great giveaway I'll email you now .