Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bag Pattern Giveaway!

Hello Hello!
I have decided its time to have my very first giveaway! That's right! A freebie! I will draw the comment from a hat Saturday the third of April.

{Left to Right; Top to Bottom. Raspberry Ripple, Millie's Market Day, The Paris Collection, Holly's Bouquet, Bon Bon, Frilly Dilly, Sleepover, MArket Baguette, Poppies For You}

Just choose a bag from above, leave a comment with the bag you love and make sure you leave your contact details so I can contact you of you are lucky enough to win. Easy Peasy! 

Good luck!
Crystal x


  1. Hi Crystal! Lovely Blog you've got here! I did not know about it until you announced your give-away on twitter! Since I'm here I'll tell you that I love the Sleep Over bag! Happy to have found you!

  2. Hi Crystal,
    Got your email this morning. Definitely that Raspberry Bag! The pattern looks like an interesting challenge.
    thanks, Judy

  3. I love the sleepover bag too . Thanks for a chance to win !

  4. Followed the link from your email to me, so now I can bookmark the site- I think that the Sleepover bag would be just perfect to fit a few of those essential items in it for a short stay away from home

  5. Raspberry Ripple is the one that has tickled my fancy although they're all gorgeous. I love bags :-) Thanks xo

  6. Welcome one and all. What a race we have here today. 9 Designers but there must only be 1 winner. Well here we go, they’re off and racing. Coming around the first bend, we have “Poppies for You”, followed closely by “Millie’s Market Day” and the rest of the field not far behind. As they near the end of the race we now have “Bon-bon” in the lead, then “Holly’s Bouquet” second and “The Paris Collection” in third. As they are nearing the finish line “Sleepover” has slipped into first, “Frilly Dilly” coming in second and “My Market Baguette” in third. Just wait, “Raspberry Ripple” has had a sudden spur and has come through to take first place. What a race, it was neck to neck but the results are: “Raspberry Ripple” first, “Sleepover” second and “Frilly Dilly” third. Like the race Crystal, my choice would be Raspberry Ripple. Thanks for a great competition and I hope you have a happy and safe Easter. Hugs Cherylene Brown